It is a needle that contains a self-retracting mechanism adaptable to almost all the syringes in the market, by following LUER international system.

It activates itself 100% automatically after a few seconds of its single use (passive action). It also activates with the operators will (active action). Its activation time is customizable. Either ways, the syringe ends up being useless so it can not be shared or reused.


Main team:

  • Graduates in Business Administration and Management

  • Economists

  • Industrial Engineers

  • Chemical Engineers

  • Industrial Property Technicians

  • Marketing and Commerce

Complementary Team:

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Lawyers specialized in different areas, mainly in Industrial Property

  • Medics

  • Biologists experienced in life sciences

  • New-tech consultants

  • Designers, computer scientists, artists, etc.

Industrial Property

The devices are protected under International Patent in approximately 30 countries, covering about 65% of the world's population (approx. 4.5 billion people).

The global market for safety syringes presents an annual growth of 9.7%. In 2012 the turnover was US$ 3,400 million and it is projected by 2019 to US$ 6,500 million.

Market growth for Security Syringes

  • North America - High

  • Western Europe - High

  • Eastern Europe - Medium High

  • Asia-Pacific - Very High

  • Rest of the World - Medium High

Potential Market

World demand for Syringes

Expeccted Growth in 2019

World Demand for Security Syringes

  • Non-Retractable Syringes

  • Retractable Syringes



Turnover of Safety Syringes

  • Only in the hospital world alone, more than 16,000 million syringes are used annually and the global trend is the safety in medical devices, covered under the International Biosecurity Directives.

  • From a nascent market and mainly by the interest and efforts of the governments to provide biosafety to the population, as well as by the pressure of drug companies to provide insurance for their injection devices, the market remains constantly growing.

The vast opportunities for the LIFENEEDLE in a market this wide are evident.

Top Companies by Business Volume


  1. Becton Dickinson & Company

  2. Covidien plc

  3. Smiths Medical

  4. Terumo Corporation

  5. Portable Technologics, Inc

  6. Unilife Corporation

  7. Revolution Medical Corporation

  8. Q Stat Pty Ltda


  1. Uniq Safe Retractil

  2. Axel Bro-Corporation

  3. Inviro Medical

  4. Inviro Gard

  5. Secure Gard

  6. Safe Gard Medical

Leading Laboratories that promote the development of safety syringes

- Pfizer -
- Novo Nordisk -
- Abbott -
- Sanofi -


Active reaction in safety syringes

Active reaction in safety syringes

Retractable reaction mechanism pressing the plunger vacuum thoroughly.

Passive  reaction in safety syringes

Passive reaction in safety syringes

Fully automatic reaction of the retractable mechanism, a few seconds after its single use.

Passive  reaction in conventional syringes

Passive reaction in conventional syringes

The needle retracts inside the emptied syringe automatically.

Accelerated reaction

Accelerated reaction

Used once and to not wait for the passive arming process, this can be accelerated by leaning the tip of the needle as shown in the video.

LUER Activation System

LUER Activation System

Passive and accelerated reaction of the SHN adapted to the luer lock and luer slip system. (Universal Standar).

Nurse at NJ Clinic Reuse Syringes

Nurse at NJ Clinic Reuse Syringes

Patients at the NJ Clinic have passed tests for HIV and hepatitis because a nurse reused syringes.

Inyecciones Inseguras

Is your Child Safe?

The dangers caused by the disposal of used and infected syringes in children's areas. (COOK CHILDREN'S)

Directiva de Bioseguridad Europea

Activate and Dispose

Testimonies of health professionals about the possibility of contagion by accidental puncture. (WORK SAFE BC)

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